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  1. Christine’s Blog continues to update us on Liasor’s Travels in Ethiopia.

  2. The Rochester Connection Website has undergone a major house cleaning. Some of you will note many pages and sites have been removed.

  3. Liasor Dima has been in Ethiopia since October 3, 2017. His goals include: (1) establishing Uduk Hope onsite ministry teams at two and possible three UN Refugee Camps and (2) finalize an agreement with Assosa University to establish a scholarship program for qualified young people at these camps, (3) seeking other partnerships with the FMC and NGO’s.  Please pray for his success and safety.  

  4. Christine Bell Dima is back in the USA as it was not considered safe enough for her to travel to the Refugee camps with Liasor as planned. Follow along on the latest “Christine’s Blog.” Past Blogs are available on this site.

  5. As some of you know the RC Executive Director underwent major surgery on September 14, 2017. Thank you for your prayers. He is returning to his position as the RC Board continues to seek God’s direction for 2018.

  6. Would you consider a pledge or one-time year-end gift to support one the RC’s current ministry project at home or in Sudan/Ethiopia?

    The RC has raised nearly $150,000 since 2008. Every dollar has gone to the projects designated. Download the TeamOneHundred20 form to register your support, then scan or photograph the form to email it back and mail your check or money order.

  7. The English Language Communication Skills Workshop launched in May has resumed after a two-month summer break with seven participants.

  8. Follow Updates on the Board Approved list of 2017 RC Ministry Projects

  9. Ready to join or host a Faith & Finances workshop in the fall of 2017 or spring 2018? Complete a Faith and Finances Registration Form.

Older Posts follow:

  1. Read Philip Yancey’s copyrighted article on Pain And Doubt – Untangling the Connections.

  2. Check out Northeastern Seminary’s March “ResOund” and view the video link to Dr. Richard Middleton’s Chapel Address “Question God.” Less than 30 minutes well invested!


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